All Day Kids

Brand identity creation, web design and development of kids portal. Collaterals, merchandise and documentation

Scope of work: Brand Identity. UI/UX Design. Development. Visual Communication Design.

Information Architecture/Wireframe

UI/UX Design for Kid portal

Creative Standee Design

Imaginative and dedicated. Pixelvj possesses essential attributes of an excellent user experience company. I would like to quote Roy James for their designs; "Great design is all about details. With innovative material selection, sensible construction techniques and modern aesthetics one can craft a unique design language that sets a new standard". A good company to work with. Their contribution to the project is commendable and satisfying. Wish a great success ahead. Luck and good wishes.

Diksha OhriFounder, All Day Kids

Poster Design

Business Card Design

T-Shirt Design

Banner Design

All Day Kids

All Day Kids, is an online space for kids across the world to connect in unique way. A platform where kids can share their thoughts, express their creativity and entertain their minds in an enriching way