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In today's world there is only one thing more profitable than virtual world itself, and that is the understanding one must master about how to succeed at it. Mukesh's and his PixelVJ team possesses a rare mix of diligence, intelligence, and integrity while remaining good-spirited and unpretentious.

We hired PixelVJ to help us, develop Ascent Descent Adventures presence on web ( design & development , digital marketing , social media optimization) and explore this new sales and marketing channel. In a short time, PixelVJ has managed to communicate Ascent Descent Adventures position as a leading adventure travel company in India, and to start up dialogues with many new potential clients for us on Social media.

PixelVJ are a reliable partner that you can always count on. I recommend his services and great insights to every person interested in digital solution, design & development , digital marketing , social media optimization in India. — Pankaj Lagwal, CEO & Founder, ascentdescentadvenures.com
I deal in content. And as any content person will tell you, design can make or break what you publish. When you work with Mukesh and his PixelVJ Team, as I did for long, you ensure that the impact of your content is enhanced manifold. Mukesh and his PixelVJ Team has a great sense of content flow, typography, graphics, colours and above all, good taste, a trait very few designers have. But what will impress you most is the speed at which they can deliver great pieces work. — AR Hemant, Associate Editor, Yahoo! India
Mukesh and his team at PixelVJ studios are great. As a small business, it is easy to feel that your account isn't as important as some of the bigger businesses. With PixelVJ, my emails and calls were answered immediately, the team worked within my budget to get me the best website available, and follow up has been amazing. I would highly recommend the team at PixelVJ for any of your website needs. — Carmen Adriana, carmenadriana.com
I found PIXELVJ dependable, has a sense of deadline and quick to grasp a client's visual idea. They also comes up with creatives and ideas which are fascinating. They designed the Kovalam Literary Festival website after hearing my concepts and did it in double quick time.
— Binoo K. John, Vice President, EC Media International
I worked with PixelVJ last year for UI design and development work for my web startup, Scooze. I found the PixelVJ team extremely responsive and flexible in all aspects of their job and throughout the project, we worked extremely collaboratively as one integrated team. The ideas that PixelVJ contributed were as important to us as the design and development work that they did. I believe that the mix of industry experience, talent, ideas and flexibility that PixelVJ brings to the table is what every company (especially a startup) looks for in a business partner. — Shantanu, Scooze.com
Very Creative team with amazing blend of web skills, a combination that all web based companies seek. I was looking for a team with Visual Design skills which can further be molded into a very Usable web design, Mukesh and the PixelVJ team delivered me 'just that' during our long creative brainstorming sessions (thanks for those hundreds of Samosas and Tea to power our neurons). — Chandan Sharma, CEO & Founder, DholDhamaka.com
PIXELVJ quickly adapted to our sense of style and impressed us afterwards by always exceeding our expectations. Thanks for the amazing work! I will definitely be using your services again in the near future. — Shaan Batra, Co-Founder, Social Roots
PixelVJ is a great design shop! We've been working with Mukesh Marwah over the past 6-8 months on everything from website design, to banners, emails, print ads and more. The experience has been very good, which keeps us coming back. The quality of their work is great, and the creativity and ideas are always unique. We have gotten umpteen positive comments on the design and feel of RoomStory.com, none of which would be possible without PixelVJ. On top of all that everyone on the team is just really easy to work with, making for an effective working dynamic.
— Nipun Virmani, Co-Founder, Roomstory.com
Pixelvj have been easy to work with and have a done a good job in meeting our requirements. The team is approachable and have patiently nutted out all of requirements to provide us with a workable solution. Mukesh has done a good job in forming a competitive team that work well together. Good team spirit and good work!! I would recommend them to family and friends. — Natalya Gill, Managing Partner, JupiterConsultants.com
Mukesh is approachable, thoughtful, engaging and humble. He is a creative entrepreneur that brings fresh yet grounded perspective to any on-line business discussion. His strong design skills, experience in the Internet space and team approach are a unique and powerful combination. Appster team really enjoys working with PixelVJ team. — Mohit Kapoor, CEO, iappster.com
Mukesh Marwah is one of the most wonderful creative geniuses in the industry with impeccable UI and UX skills. PixelVJ was able to design the new look for BabuJobs in no time with awesome quality and super user experience. I was thrilled to see the final design of BabuJobs and the small issues were fixed quickly. Mukesh is passionate, dependable, results driven and authentic. I had so much fun working with PixelVJ. Thanks Mukesh! — Sudhir, Founder, BabuJobs.com
PIXELVJ has designed the current DSC website. The site has received accolades from students and industry professionals alike. I trust their sense of design completely. As a professional they arealways willing to lend an ear and is eager to give their best to any job. All the best for the future.Cheers!
— Rupanjali, CEO, Delhi School of Communication

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